Dunni s Treats

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Saint Mary Cayon Parish, St Kitts & Nevis

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    Valentine’s Day package

    140EC Package

    MIDI ice cream cake Tub

    $ 140unavailable

    70EC package

    Three ice cream cake mini tubs wrapped in a bow

    $ 70unavailable

    Birthday/Celebration Cakes

    Cake size -7.5 inches

    Four layers of cake, Four layers of ice cream frosting, Four layers of ice cream frosting

    $ 300unavailable

    Fillings and Toppings

    Chocolate chips

    $ 10unavailable

    M and Ms

    $ 10unavailable

    Mini ice cream cake tubs

    Chocolate ice cream cake


    $ 15unavailable

    Cookies and cream ice cream cake


    $ 20

    Red Velvet Ice Cream cake mini tub


    $ 15unavailable

    Vanilla ice cream cake


    $ 15unavailable
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