KFC Barbados (Oistins)

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    10PC Party Pack

    BDS 76.35

    12PC Bucket

    BDS 68.8

    15PC Chicken Bucket

    BDS 82.65

    21PC Chicken Barrel

    BDS 109.35

    9PC Thrift Bucket

    BDS 51.85

    Chicken Pieces

    1PC Breast

    BDS 7.3

    1PC Leg

    BDS 6.8

    1PC Rib

    BDS 6.8

    1PC Thigh

    BDS 7


    2L Soda

    BDS 6.4

    Bottled Water

    BDS 3.6


    BDS 3.25


    BDS 3.6


    BDS 3.6

    Fruit Punch

    BDS 4.5


    BDS 3.6

    Orange Juice

    BDS 4.5

    Red Frutee

    BDS 3.6


    BDS 3.6


    2PC Biscuit & French Fries Combo

    BDS 17.75

    2PC Combo

    2PC, Fries, and Soda.

    BDS 17.45

    2PC Craver Combo

    2PC, Small French Fries, Small Salad, Medium Soda

    BDS 24.95

    3PC Drum Combo

    3 PC Drumstick, small French Fries, Medium Soda.

    BDS 20.7

    Chicken Sandwich Combo

    Breast Sandwich, Small Fries, Medium Soda.

    BDS 21.05

    Colonel's 3PC Combo

    3 Pieces of Chicken, Small French Fries, Medium Soda

    BDS 26.85

    Hot Wing Combo

    6 Hot Wing pieces, Includes Fries, and a Soda

    BDS 21.8

    Twister Combo

    Twister, fries, Soda.

    BDS 15.5


    3 Crispy Strips

    BDS 13.5

    6 Crispy Strips

    BDS 23.95

    Hot Wings

    BDS 16.1

    Popcorn Chicken

    BDS 10.45

    Limited Time Offers

    5 In One Box

    Colonel's Choice or Zinger Sandwich, 4 hot wings pieces, Individual fries, Chocolate chip cookie, Soda

    BDS 19.95


    The irresistible taste of KFC fried chicken topped with pizza sauce, melted cheese and pepperoni

    BDS 19.95

    Chizza Combo

    KFC Chizza, Includes Fries & a Soda

    BDS 22.95

    KFCEINE 2PC Deal

    2pc Chicken, Includes Fries, Macaroni Salad & a Soda

    BDS 17.95

    KFCEINE Double Bucket

    6pc Chicken, 2 Colonels Choice/Zinger Sandwiches & a Chick N' Share Fries

    BDS 55

    Leg & Thigh Tuesdays

    2 pieces of chicken - Leg & Thigh, Small Fries, Soda

    BDS 12.5

    Secret Recipe Fries

    Our signature french fries sprinkled with our famous seasoning.

    BDS 5.35

    Toasted Twister


    BDS 13.45

    Twister Combo

    Twister, fries, Soda.

    BDS 15.5

    Wow Box

    Colonel’s Choice or Zinger Sandwich, 1pc Chicken, Small Fries

    BDS 15.95

    Wow Bucket

    8pc Chicken, 4 Medium French Fries, 4 Buttermilk Biscuits

    BDS 50


    Apple Pie

    BDS 5.7

    Reeses Peanut Pie

    BDS 7.15


    BBQ Sauce

    BDS 1


    BDS 1.2

    Chick 'N' Share Fries

    BDS 10.5


    BDS 4.1


    BDS 5.15

    French Fries

    BDS 5.35

    Hony Mustard Sauce

    BDS 1

    Macaroni Salad

    BDS 3.85

    Secret Recipe Fries

    BDS 5.35

    Sweet & Tangy Sauce

    BDS 1

    Box Meals & Dinner Meals

    Big Box Meal

    Colonel’s Choice Sandwich or Zinger Sandwich, indv. Fries, Sm Coleslaw or Macaroni Salad, 1 Piece of Finger Lickin’ Good Chicken and a Soda

    BDS 26.35

    Dinner For 2

    5PCS, 2 Small Sides, 2 Medium Sodas

    BDS 49.55

    Hot Wings Box Meal

    1PC, 4 Hot Wings, Small Coleslaw Or Macaroni, Small French Fries, Medium Soda

    BDS 22.7

    Chick 'N' Share

    Chick 'N' Share 5PC

    5 Pc, 2 Individual fries, 2 Sodas.

    BDS 38.55

    Chick 'N' Share Buckets

    5 Pieces of chicken Chick N Share OR 15 Hot wings Chick N Share OR Popcorn Chicken Chick N Share

    BDS 28.25

    Chick 'N' Share Crispy Strips

    10 Crispy Strips, 2 Individual fries, 2 Sodas.

    BDS 38.55

    Chick 'N' Share Fries

    BDS 10.5

    Chick 'N' Share Hot Wings

    15 Hot Wings, 2 Individual fries, 2 Sodas.

    BDS 38.55

    Chick 'N' Share Popcorn

    Popcorn Chicken, 2 Individual fries, 2 Sodas.

    BDS 38.55

    Fill Ups

    Chicken Little Fill Up

    Chicken little, 1 piece chicken (leg or thigh), individual fries and Coca-Cola

    BDS 14

    Crispy Strips Fill Up

    3 crispy strips, individual fries, biscuit, and a Soda.

    BDS 14

    Popcorn Chicken Fill Up

    Small popcorn chicken, individual fries, biscuit and Coca-Cola

    BDS 14


    Colonel's Choice

    BDS 14.4

    Toasted Twister

    BDS 13.45

    Zinger Sandwich

    BDS 14.4

    Kids Meal

    Kids Meal

    1PC, Small Fries & 12oz Drink W/Premium

    BDS 15.45
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