The Drift

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New Castle, Nevis

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    Dinner - To Follow

    BBQ Ribs - Louisiana Style

    Garlic mashed potatoes, local vegetable, our sweet BBQ sauce

    $ 30

    Fisherman's Creole Catch

    Basmati Rice, Local Vegetables, Lemon beurre blanc

    $ 34

    Lobster Salad

    Island Greens, Mango, Avocado, Citrus Vinaigrette

    $ 28

    Local Lobster Tail

    butter basted, basmati ride, vegetables, grilled lemon

    $ 44

    Ole English Fish Pie

    Local Fish, Velouté Sauce, Aged Cheddar, Garlic Mash, Peas

    $ 28

    Vegetable Ensemble

    Chef's Whim market creation

    $ 26

    West Indies Curry of The Day

    Basmati Rice, Plantain, Nevis Mango Chutney

    $ 32

    Signature Virgin Cocktails

    Beta Boost

    Carrot, Lemon, Orange, Ginger

    $ 12unavailable

    Golden Hour

    Mango, Passion Fruit, Orange, Lime, Ting

    $ 12unavailable

    Green Glo Smooth

    Mint, Almond Milk, Pistachio, Banana, Demerera

    $ 12unavailable

    Love Passion

    Lemon, Pineapple, Orange, Mango, Passion fruit, Cranberry, Grenadine

    $ 12unavailable

    Root Reboot

    Beet, Carrot, Ginger, Lime, Orange

    $ 12unavailable

    Tumeric Elixir

    Tumeric, Honey, Himalayan Salt

    $ 12unavailable


    Coconut Curry Shrimp

    Sweet Nevis mango chili aioli

    $ 18

    Conch Fritters

    Lightly spiced, Crispy Caribbean Classic

    $ 15

    Drift Sharing Platters

    Assorted appetizers per person.

    $ 14

    Drift's Lobster Sandwich

    Artisan sourdough, hand cut fries, greens

    $ 21

    Fisherman's catch

    Basmatic rice, local vegetables, lemon beurre blanc

    $ 34

    Grilled fish burger

    Caramelized onions, ailoi, hand cut fries, greens

    $ 21

    Insalata caprese

    Italian burrata, local tomatoes, evoo laudemio, basil

    $ 19

    Lobster salad

    Island green, mango, avocado, citrus vinaigrette

    $ 28

    Old English fish pie

    Local fish, veloute sauce, aged cheddar, garlic mash, peas

    $ 28

    Smoked Wahoo Carpaccio

    Local waters, garlic toast, arugula, lemon

    $ 21

    Vegetable ensemble

    Chef's whim market creation

    $ 26

    West Indian Roti

    Curry chicken or vegetables, Guyanese wrap, green salad

    $ 18

    West indies curry of the day

    Basmatic rice, plantain, nevis mango chutney

    $ 32



    Coke, Sprite, Gingerale, Ting, Water, Malt. Please Specify Type In Notes.

    $ 3


    Triple Chocolate Brownie


    $ 10

    Warm Gingerbread Cake

    $ 10
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